About Chloe

“A beautiful story teller, with a voice that goes straight to the heart” Sally Naden, BBC Radio Lancashire 2010

“Chloe has a gift for melody, often touching on the soulful sweetness associated with early sixties British pop” Miniature Music Press, Cardiff 2010

“Suzanne Vega, Nanci Griffith and Susanna Hoffs have a new sister-singer helping greet the day with panache, professionalism, silk and honey: Chloe Hall, a sweet thunder from down under” Dalton Delan, WETA USA 2010

“Chloe Hall is a singer-songwriter of exceptional quality” Heaven Magazine, The Netherlands 2010

“I could celebrate… I could jump up and down… but the best I could do is to say, go and hear her, buy her CD’s and fall under the magic of Chloe Hall.” John Warner, Trad & Now Magazine Australia 2007

“Chloe takes folk to another level” Isle of Wight News 2010

“Chloe’s songwriting style has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith and Paul Simon…  the undeniable quality of her songs leave the listener overwhelmed with emotion” Janine Yaqoob, Liverpool Echo, November 2010

“Chloe is armed with some of the most engaging songs around… She can make you laugh, cry and sigh” The Star, Yorkshire, October 2010

“Chloe Hall lifts people’s spirits with her music” Danielle Cumber, Reading Chronicle, October 2010

“Chloe has an infectious personality and a beautiful voice” John Govier, BBC Radio Devon 2010

“Fab voice… very special” Alex Belfield, BBC Leeds 2010

About the album ‘Spring Hill’

“Spring Hill is an album of crystal acoustic purity…A wonderful discovery, and my highlight of the year” Mike Taylor, The Reinvigorated Programmer (UK) 2011

“Totally refreshing. Clean and uncluttered… Up-beat and hopeful. I would thoroughly recommend this album” Folk Rag (AUS) 2011

“Five stars. Less is more… I‘m totally smitten and if there was a star rating high enough I’d say it had gone inter-galactic!” Maverick (UK) 2012

“Perfect background for a romantic day… Spring Hill exudes a sweet atmosphere… Chloe’s voice is reminiscent of a young Nanci Griffith…” Fred Schmale, Real Roots Café (Netherlands), February 2012

“Four stars. Experience shows… Their voices blend beautifully… [Spring Hill] showcases Silas Palmer’s superb fiddle playing and Chloe Hall’s pure vocals” The Border Mail (VIC) 2012

Chloe in green


Chloe & Silas live


“There’s a lot to love about Chloe & Silas… They are a perfect combination — much more than the sum of their parts… Superb”

The Reinvigorated Programmer (UK)


“Unique and memorable… Chloe & Silas are so real, there’s something that everyone can relate to… Their talent combined is untouchable”

FasterLouder (AUS) 2011


“‘The Drifters’ were the headline act but were not as good as Chloe & Silas!”

Mike Piggott, Editor, Unity Magazine UK


“Good music for these times… An infectious and joyous celebration of music that leaves you completely uplifted”

Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Music Magazine (UK) 2011


“They are the true bards from the backyard”

Coowonga Review (QLD)


Outside – album reviews


The Scotsman


“*****. How much praise can you heap on one album?”

Maverick Magazine